It was the night i landed to Bali, I met with Sam. Sam was having her last days of her Bali travel. She told me that she has been to different parts of the island, including even a piece of Lombok.

When I asked her what her top attraction on Bali was, her response was “Climbing Mount Batur” with shiny eyes!

Immediately i arranged a trip to Batur. I was staying in Kuta so it was not very hard to arrange a tour, as there were a lot of tour desks available in Kuta area. However I didnt know how Kuta is far away from Batur! So actually, it was not a wise decision to go from Kuta to Batur, as it was like a 1.5-2 hours drive, and I had to start my trip by 02:00 AM, in order to be there around 03:30 AM, so that I would have enough time to climb mountain before sunrise.

The road, especially after Ubud is not in a good condition so it was a very bouncy car journey. When we got there it was like 03:30 AM. By the time we got there i was immediately teamed up with a local guide. Rest of the trip was a hell of a climbing in the middle of nowhere, in total darkness. That is not a very easy climb, if you are tired, drunk, and missing some required equipment! No one has informed me before the trip, that i will require some flash lights (its pitch black), some climbing shoes (as its a regular mountain to climb, not an easy walk), some extra shirts (because you will get totally wet as you sweat), a jacket (as it gets cold at the top by the sunrise) and some extra money (for the breakfast at the top).

I was totally consumed, got wet and dried at least three times (and eventually got sick afterwards) when we were finally at the top. However, believe me, it was totally worth it!!! Just see the pictures below. This was amazing!

batur sunrise

batur sunrise

batur sunrise

sun is up, now you can see the batur lake down below

Mount Batur is a 1700 meter high volcano. It’s still active. You can see the smoke rising from its depths. Its last eruption was in 1960s. Before that eruption it was a higher mountain, but the top was rolled down by strength of the eruption, said my guide.

black lava from last eruption is still visible around batur

There are also some hot springs behind the mountain. You can check it out.

I will never forget the taste of the coffee that my guide brought me, when we were sitting on the top.

Very strangely, the only Turkish people I saw during my stay in Bali, were the ones I saw at the top of this mountain.

Going down the mountain was also a 1 hour journey and as the sun was there, you will be sweating again. So, when you will come here be sure that you have the required equipment like proper shoes, extra shirts, maybe a towel, some water, flashlights, a jacket, and a small backpack to place your equipment. Don’t forget to have some money for the breakfast (or coffee only, its much better!!) at top. And be sure that you are physically in a good condition.

down from batur volcano
Down from Batur volcano

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