For a strange reason every city on earth seems to have a symbol.


Even the most dull cities come with a symbol. I guess people just cant stand the fact that they live in a boring, dull, ugly city with nothing to tell, so they come up with these symbols.


For instance, for many of the most boring towns and cities of Turkey, this symbol is LEBLEBİ. (Thats a “roasted chick pea” / Just google translated it. Yeah, your welcome.)


LEBLEBİ is also the longest Turkish word you can type with a calculator. (Yeah, cheers)

leblebi hesap makinası

Fortunately, Brussels is not one of these DULL cities and has much more to offer compared to LEBLEBİ. The symbol of Brussels seems to be “Mannekin Pis”, statue of a a cute little boy peeing all over hopefully to a pool or so. One can see the Mannekin Pis items in every souvenir shop, as a magnet, keyholder, stamp, poster etc etc. You name it. However, the whereabouts of the Mannekin Pis itself was a mystery to me. I was not able to locate the statue. I didnt look for it of course, but wandering through all the streets of central Brussels, which is not very big by the way, by no means i didnt come across with it.

where is mannekin pis

On my last night in Brussels i was drinking the last beers of a long day. Weissbier, or wheat bear as some englishmen puts it. 6th, 7th, 8th glass, i couldnt tell. When i decided to have a smoke outside, standing out the door, just across the street i saw this.

mannekin pis address

In case you dont know where to look, here is a red circle for you, just the Fox way you like it. (Come on, why cant you see it? Drunk?)

mannekin pis location_

As I was drunk, i cant tell you where this bar was. Therefore i cant tell you where the Mannekin Pis is. Sorry, you Googled me for nothing. But i can tell you one thing. It is very small. If Brussels citizens have asked me what would be a more suitable symbol for their city with good enough representative power, i would name it “beer”.

me drinking kwak

My vocabulary is small. (It is either beer or “not beer”)

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