I was hired as a manager in a call center. My room was in such a sniper post that, I was able to overlook all employees walk by, without any chance to get bored.

It was then that I noticed that, sometimes male employees were gently ramming their heads as a form of greeting. It was not their habit to put a cheek on the cheeks, or exchange kisses on cheeks, no, not at all. But this weird looking ramming thing.

I was curious. Were they from a secret cult? Was this a secret greeting between them? Also that little pitiful smile, which were appearing on their faces immediately upon the ram of heads, was something pretty abnormal. Almost automatized.

I thought about my childhood, my youth, my whole life. We have never had such a custom. No man I knew would greet you like that in my childhood. We were the generations who kissed, shaken and smelled each other’s beards from the cheek, smelled, licked and enjoyed each other. Ok. That was gross. But what I mean is, we were not ramming heads. Was this a new custom? How come? Or, was this a staged on act? I mean, were they trying to signal a secret message to each other, or to me?

I was starting to grow an increasing grudge against this crowd, I could not get myself out of it.

I watched them for 2, 3, 4, 5 weeks, 2 months, 3 months. My grudge was growing in me, moving to a point I could not control.

I was so annoyed that, I finally decided to fire them! I started watching my team more closely to determine who to lay off first. Of course, I was not going to tell this to HR as my reason for firing them, “ they’re ramming their heads, so I fire them .” It would be an absurd excuse. That’s why I started making plans. I was giving my staff more and more challenging missions, squeezing them to the point where they would get stuck, and then to say “Enough of this shit! That’s it’ You are out!!!”. Their spirits were deteriorating.

But things were starting to get out of my control, because their numbers were not a few. It wasn’t only two or three people. It wasn’t 10 or 20. ALL my employees were greeting with ramming heads, ALL OF THEM!

Not only my team, EVERYONE in the company was greeting with ramming heads!

Not only in company, everyone in the city was greeting like this!

I was the only one left in the world who was keeping on greeting with kisses or touching cheeks. I had not noticed this until then. Just like Vincent Price in the “Last Man on Earth”, I screamed, screamed, screamed. Then, fade out …

Then I fired myself from the company and survived for a while, by ramming my head to greet the greeters.


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