Then I moved to Izmir sometime.

I was very scared at first. By making small experiments, I tried to determine in which conditions I can survive in this new environment.

I went into the simulator mode, for example simulating the responses from the shop owner by asking for “3 GEVREK LÜTFEN” on day 1. The next day, I was going to ask the same shop for “3 SİMİT”.

I tried to measure their reactions between being asked for a GEVREK vs a SİMİT. My findings were that, it did not matter. Nobody tried to kill me because I called the GEVREK a SİMİT, or vice versa. No one chase me with pitchforks and torches. I survived saying SIMIT when I felt 5-6 out of 10, and “Ehehehehe GEVREK be keranacı” when I felt 7-8 out of 10 …

Of course, this was until …

Until I went to the 100 years old Alsancak Gevrek Bakery and said “3 SİMİT LÜTFEN”.

He looked in my eyes, to my soul. I looked at him too. “DO YOU MEAN GEVREK?” He said softly.

I was able to say “yes”. “That is totally what I meant”

And I survived, once again.


Gokhan Toka
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