My pants were torn off late. I went to the shop to buy a new one. The shopping mall to be precise.

Trousers. We have been together with them for years. We traveled half the world together. A simple, straight, straight pair of jeans. And also very light. Light, soft and comfortable. Towards the end, it was feeling even lighter due to getting eroded.

Anyways, where were we, hah – I went to the Factory. That is to the Factory store in the mall. (interestingly, it was a Factory branded jeans, yes) I said I need pants. “How’s that?” He said. I explained: “Well it is straight”. He said ok I got it, went on and came back with some brand new jeans. We looked at what he brought. It turns out he never understood. He finds and brings all these sicko denim jeans with ultra narrow trotters, they all look like whistles. I said, sir, these are not straight?

So, here’s his reply: There are no other type of trousers anymore, this is the current mens fashion, men’s jeans are necessarily tight.

At that moment, I was convinced in a parallel universe, and since this was the fashion, I shouldn’t be left behind, let’s go ahead sir, I want to listen to the sound of that whistle on my legs…..

But in real world it doesnt work like this. My ideal line of reply was “fuck your fashion”. However please note that I am in a survival mode in a “necessarily” fascist world, so I chose to say “Thank you and Goodbye!” and hereby I write this sneaky essay of this tasteless encounter with a fashion fascist, and whip for my worn out pair of jeans instead.

Gokhan Toka
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