As the summer approaches, i start dreaming of traveling on this road again. Once more.


“The best car in this world, is a rental one” once said a wise man. An advice to recall before taking this road.


The only person i saw during this 14km / 1 hour ride was sitting on a horse top. Not to mention that it was also the only horse i saw. They came out suddenly, while i was trying to take a sharp turn at a shadowed valley bottom, under the dreamy leaves of a huge willow tree. I neither have a picture of him nor his horse. We said “Kalimera” to each other and went on opposite directions. Neither of us were pretty sure that we were real. That sort of a “Kalimera” was that. It was a “Kalimera” like a pray to God. It was like hearing yourself speak out, while your mouth was shut.


A road is never the same road, the 2nd time you walk on. Perhaps i will have better pictures next time, but will i ever feel the surprise and appreciation again? The appreciation of feeling a surprise. That, i dont know.


Gokhan Toka
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